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The project was the first dedicated headquarters building for “H” Department Store Group so the building needed to perform as an iconic visual landmark that overcomes its disadvantage of not being located along a major urban corridor. Visual prominence was sought out by designing two parts of the building to reach out toward the street scape, one as a flag-like structure that protrudes from the top of the core and one as a sculptural fence that hovers over the large public plaza at the ground level. Despite the building being set back to maximize the public plaza, these gestures allow visibility from many major vantage points around the site, including Samsung Station, the closest major intersection. The public plaza naturally flows into the 6.5-meter tall pedestrian-friendly lobby and event space that can adapt to various usages and allow the public to engage with the brand through open events.

The main floors feature a 720 square-meter office landscape layout which maximizes flexibility and can accommodate future growth and reorganization. By using an exposed post-tension flat slab structure a maximum number of floors were planned within the district's height allowance. The building is organized as a stack of six "platforms," or program groups, that are vertically integrated through a slender side core. The already narrow physical connection between the core and building incorporates a solar chimney at its center providing virtually 360 degrees of natural light and ventilation to a majority of the building.

The high-performance façade made of custom-engineered GFRP louvers allows the building to achieve maximum energy efficiency and minimize life-cycle costs without hindering exterior views. Most importantly the curvacious louvers adorn the exterior of the building creating an elegant formal texture that symbolizes the modern identity of the “H” Department Store brand.




252,424 sq.ft. (23,45123,451 sq.m.)

Seoul, Korea



2016 (Completed)

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