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East Busan Tourist City (EBTC) is a “Tourists’ City” where a sense of permanence or stability is not a requirement for the transient citizens, who depart from the routine of their own urban lives in pursuit of a “Theme City” where dramatic changes await. EBTC is a “Fit City” which will adapt itself to those who retreat to this city with a variety of physical and emotional needs. As traditional urban virtues, such as speed, density, efficiency or hierarchy, are no longer criteria here, EBTC is a “City without City” The project owner’s strategy to incorporate Marvel Comics themed amusement park within this 964-acre complex has become a driver in the master-planning of this unconventional, revolutionary town. Added to this entertainment center are a wide variety of destinations that are custom-tailored to meet any visitor’s desires, including a Medical Village, Spa Village, Silver Town, Crystal World, and Ocean Village. Focus was placed on developing four conceptual prototypes of urban network, which will work both self-sufficiently and inter-dependently; Wheel + Belt, Leaf + Vein, Cell + Voronoi, and Scatter + Spread. The analyses and syntheses among the four prototypes enigmatically generate new types of urban outlooks, culminating with 5 radial ‘wow factors’ which will surprisingly respond to a wide spectrum of ideals and demands from transient patrons.




964 acres (3,901,551 sq.m.)

Busan, Korea




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