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Winning 1st prize in the international competition for the EXPO 2012 International Pavilion in Yeosu, Korea, our design recalls the unique coastal environment of the city of Yeosu and its relationship with the theme of the expo, “The Living Ocean and coast: Diversity of Resources and Sustainable Activities.” Referring to the archipelago as the First Nature and the city as the Second Nature, the Third nature superimposes these dichotomous elements to create the metaphorical archipelago.

Three primary design features implement this concept. The archipelago islands are the inspiration for the Multi-Functioning Tower system that ventilates and illuminates the buildings. These islands also locate circulation cores and create unique double height exhibit spaces. The Smart Living Roof System characterizes the ocean surface from which the islands protrude. This canopy is composed of solar panels and louvers that sinuously create a layering ripple effect. The building masses that contain the expo exhibitions reference the ocean fl oor as the Foreshore Ground system. In the center of the site, a Digital Gallery is the primary boulevard for visitors and connects the city of Yeosu with the KTX station, a high speed train system in Korea. These three elements harmoniously create a sustainable micro ecosystem.


Public, Cultural


1,473,093 sq.ft. (136,854 sq.m.)

Yeosu, Korea




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