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In the international competition for the redevelopment of Gangbuk Grand Park, furnished by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, H has lead a collaborative design team and received 2nd place honors. Demonstrating its strong commitment to public spaces in design, H embraced the scars and sores of the project site, the old, abandoned amusement park and its surrounding hills.

To restore and redevelop a holistic park at the project site dissected with the previous amusement park development and disconnected from the community and the city for the past several years, H has applied planning principles of reconnection, recreation, and negotiating slope.

Two isolated sides of the park were sutured and woven into an evocative whole to encourage people to cross and experience the entirety of the park. Carefully sculpted terrains of maximum 5% slope enhance any visitor’s visual and mobile access. Expansive journeys of paths, trails, activity pads, and pocket gardens were programmed throughout the park so that visitors could freely choose and curate their own recreational and educational experience inside the park.




221 acres (894,355 sq.m.)

Seoul, Korea




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