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New York based H Architecture in collaboration with Haeahn Architecture in South Korea presents an international competition winning entry for Goyang New City Hall in South Korea. The project aims to constitute a new complex for a city hall, a city council and a community center for the public. The project site is located at the edge between the old town, cultural complex and green belt area surrounded in the natural Bukhan Mt. National Park on North and Han River on South. The project suggests a boundless building typology, the complex accommodates different circumstances between the developed Hwajung Town and the developing Wondang Town, natural green area and artificial green area, and cultural gathering space along the old town area. The new City hall suggests a sustainable building that meets Green Area Ratio (GAR) to 1.0 rate, that sets minimum lot-coverage standards for landscape and site design features to promote greater livability, ecological function, and climate adaptation in the urban environment. The new green City hall suggests diverse and versatile outdoor spaces for the public and city hall users to accommodate various types of activities required by different functions.




74,888.86 m² (806,096.98 sq ft)

Goyang, Korea




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