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Located in metropolitan Seoul, the New Hyundai Department Store Headquarters is composed of 6 floors below ground, and 14 floors above ground (Lot Area: 2,288 ㎡, Gross Floor Area: 24,753.58㎡). The building has been completed in cooperated with Haeahn Architecture in Seoul. The new headquarters has four distinguishing elements: Pocket gardens, sided Core, solar chimney, and building envelope. The required programs are stacked vertically based on their privacy. Public programs such as lobby, auditorium, and gardens are on the ground floor. Common spaces such as daycare, vendor meeting rooms, and library are on the second floor. Workspaces are on third to twelfth floors. On thirteenth and fourteenth floors, there are the executive offices and meeting rooms. On top, there is a roof garden for workers as well.

On ground floor, the lobby extends across the entire site to welcome visitors and employees from both sides of the streets. Despite being a private office, the new headquarters considered the street-scape and installed two gardens for the public Use on each side of the lobby. The lobby, auditorium and gardens are sequentially connected each other that allows dynamic interaction from, to the adjacent streets.

By strategically locating the core to the side, the typical office floors can be arranged flexibly based on the future needs. In order to maximize the use of daylight, there is a solar chimney integrated into the core, which also promotes natural cross ventilation. As a result, the office spaces are naturally lit and well ventilated comfortable work environment.

The building envelope is composed of a grid pattern filled with delicate vertical Fins, which is an expression of the company’s new identity of boldness and simplicity within modulated-repeats of frames. Furthermore, the fins mitigate the solar radiation into the building while optimizing visibilities and allowing natural ventilation, and therefore reduce the building’s energy consumption. Together with the solar chimney, the building has virtually 360 degrees of daylight and natural ventilation, making environmentally friendly and comfortable Work Environments.




309,085.15 sq.ft. (28,714.95 sq.m.)

Seoul, Korea



2020 (Completed)

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