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Winning 1st place at the design competition for Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Company (KHNP) Convention Center, H developed a dynamic proposal that is not only sensitive to the context of the area, but also provides versatile public spaces. The 8,666-m2 building embodies what Gyeongju was, is and envisioned to be, drawing inspirations from the local natural and historical heritage.

In acclamation of Gyeongju’s rich history spanning from B.C. 57 to A.D. 935 as the capital of the Shilla dynasty of ancient Korean history, H’s design reflects on the culture and tradition that is an integral part of the city. As an intelligent response to preserve the city’s values, and also to promote a vision of the future, H sought diverse sustainability measures proposing an “pioneering” green building of the region. For instance, careful building placement and façade orientation optimizes daylight harvesting and natural ventilation, while green walls and water curtains scattered throughout the center reduce energy consumption.

The majority of the overall center is devoted for the conference halls of various sizes to accommodate manifold events, yet other indoor/outdoor spaces serving retail, cultural and leisure programs are deliberately incorporated in the complex. Building configuration that encourages interaction between disparate functions and participants, whether or not convention events take place, attracts and entertains visitors while reinforcing the idea of the center as ‘community living room’.Vehicular Bridge, and Roof Gardens.


Convention Center


320,301 sq.ft. (29,756 sq.m.)

Gyeongju, Korea



2011 (Completed in 2016)

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