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A series of masterplans have been established based on an idea of “a retail as a living organism”. All schemes are focused on creating “New Vogue of Pyeongchang-Dong” while reflecting future retail trends to enhance customer experience as well as providing iconic cultural-commercial environment to invite customers intimately into one of kind outdoor shopping attraction. Each masterplan is initially referred from existing urban setting and also inspired by cultural backgrounds of; the Bohemian cities for the first masterplan option; Florence, the origin of Renaissance, for the second one; and alley in British London for the third one with residential mixture, and is eventually able to build up a new and specific style. In addition, each masterplan has been equipped with unique system of customer circulation; fine-grain paths (alley type); encircling outdoor corridor (cloister type); axial-bended path (loop type), and accomplishes more characteristic outdoor-space layouts. In terms of MD, identical cultural phenomena have been considered and applied to each masterplan based on architectural settings; global nomadic phenomena relative to digital booming for the first option; emerging interests on slow-life and work-life balance for the second one; and recent fascinates on British culture.




144,914 sq.ft. (13,463 sq.m.)

Seoul, Korea




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