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Sejong Art Center is the new cultural hub of Sejong city, featuring a 700 seat theater for classical concert, ballet and musical, a 300 seat black box theater, a cinema, and gallery spaces, and a 1,500 seat opera theater as an extension. The complex is vibrantly open to the community with indoor and outdoor cultural venues for multipurpose performance activities.

The project aims to embrace the polarity of the city and nature.It was initiated from a scrupulous speculation concerning the dichotomy between them since the site is located at the edge of the city. As a result, the contemporary complex sits oriented toward its natural setting. Spaces between the individual programs actively bring nature into the complex, making way for sunlight, wind, and foliage to infiltrate.

Gallery and cinema spaces located at the outer edge of the complex allow visitors to easily utilize the program. While gallery and cinema spaces are everyday facilities, theaters for performances are event facilities in which extraordinary experiences take place. These event facilities are located at the inner layer of the complex, maximizing direct contact with the surrounding park, river, and hills. Intermission during a performance becomes an opportunity for people to enjoy nature while taking a break. “Pan”, a Korean expression for a place of public activity, embodies the spirit of each outdoor space and landscaped area. Each zone is carefully designed to accommodate numerous outdoor performances such as a concert in the forest, a traditional parade, or a summer night film festival.


Public, Cultural


119,888 sq.ft. (11,137 sq.m.)

Sejong, Korea




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