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SK Telecom New York Flagship Office is an interior design project for SK Telecom NY TMT Investment Corp, completed in February 2021. The new office is located in a historic high-rise building at Rockefeller Plaza, in Manhattan, New York.

The project was approached from two aspects: creating a comfortable and luxurious space for the company’s executive and designing work spaces for staff. The conference room for the executive has a meeting area and a lounge space to provide a collaborating and socializing space for the staffs as well as visitors. The conference room interior features digital conference equipment along with a sofa, lounge chairs and tables. Work spaces for staff are designed to accommodate a variety of collaborative and private work zones. The collaborative bar table is located between Co-Working space and kitchen providing a casual environment for work, socializing and dining.

Glazed partitions at each private office and conference room have switchable glass films, to provide privacy when needed by the office users. The office interior features white and light gray furniture with gray carpet, to imbue neat and minimal atmosphere.




2,280 sq.ft. (211.81 sq.m.)

New York, U.S.A.



2020 (Completed)

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