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New York-based H Architecture presents a competition winning proposal for the Yeosu thematic Hotel in the south part of Korea. Designed in collaboration with Haeahn Architecture, Seoul, the hotel is currently under design development phase. The project aims to create new destination in the seashore of Yeosu where is the part of the largest national park in the ocean. The design of a bundle of strips allow creating infinite interface between programs and the ocean, forming the harmonized scenery while functions between private hotel area and public accessible amenities area have clear separation for managing efficiency.

The site is located between Odong-do Island of Yeosu where is one of the most spectacular spots to appreciate camellias and Dongsan-do included numerous scenic spots and historic sites. The project is to build both resort hotel and boutique hotels on the cape to maximize view and amenities included thematic café and water park for family. Both hotel towers are carefully planned to have maximum ocean view from every hotel guest rooms, while maintaining existing surrounding context such as observatory and cable car platform behind the site. A series of cascading linear clusters of programs and diverse levels of outdoor spaces are themed to represent the variety of oceanic experience. The Amenities on lower level flow down to the coastal cliff to access the ocean. Reopening of the “Pungmul street’, an abandoned tunnel under the site during last few decades connects the Romantic Pocha Street located near the Geobuk Seon Bridge from the Yeosu Expo Park. This connection enhances the access of tourists, playing a role in a way to overcome the limitations of the site of disconnection from the pedestrian path. In addition, creating an additional route for access to the existing tourist cable car from the side of the hotel contributes to revitalizing the site.

The site is located at the tip of shore and elevated 41m above sea level, making it an excellent location to have views across the archipelago. The building mass stretches across a parabola shaped site plan to have panoramic views across the ocean. The hotel complex is largely composed of 2 parts. The Spa Hotel (Family Oriented) and the Café Hotel (Boutique).
At Ground Floor there is long Parabola Deck connecting the Spa Hotel and Café Hotel making both hotels accessible but also separated to maintain their atmosphere. The Hotel Masses are strategically located to minimize visual interruptions and grant ocean view to all guest rooms. A Spa and a Family Hotel composes the Spa Hotel. The Spa, separately operated, is located at B1F to 2F with outdoor spaces and infinity pools. At 1F a sky bridge connects the Hotel to the Banquet Hall. Above the Spa, are the Dining Hall with Outdoor dining spaces and the Family Hotel. A Café and a Boutique Hotel composes the Café Hotel. The Café is located at B1F to 2F with multiple terraces with view to the ocean. The Café is accessible from multiple directions, including the drop off zone, trail from Ocean Tramway, and also Ocean Trail. Above the Café is a Boutique Hotel.


Commercial, Hospitality


471,441 sq.ft. (43,798 sq.m.)

Yeosu, Korea




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