H Architecture, P. C. 

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Hospitality, Transportation 

Seoul, Republic of Korea

Winning Competition, 2019

The design proposal for new bus terminal aims both feasibility and publicity for more promising development of a society with a huge commercial and hospitality complex. The design is focused on creating “New Daily Life Attraction” while redeveloping a future bus terminal. The idea reflects future travel trends to enhance traveler experience and convenience. Moreover, it will provide iconic cultural-commercial environment to invite customers and neighbors intimately into one of kind waterfront attraction facing the Han River. Since the project is very rare opportunity of waterfront development alongside the river, a public asset, the design introduces the idea of “Vertical Waterfront” to increase a potential value of the side as well as to share riverside experience with the public. Pragmatically, all architectural settings are deeply conceived; a spatial network between given program; a practical circulation system with entertaining sceneries; and finally an iconic building configuration representing a major transit-hub in north-eastern area of Seoul.

Aerial View

Aerial View

Aerial View


North East Side View 

Shopping Mall View

Public Space at Terminal View