H Architecture, P. C. 

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Research and Development Center, Office, Convention, Exhibition, Reception, Education, Day Care, Fitness, Retails

Sungnam, Republic of Korea


The project requires research and development center as well as new headquarter building since six affiliates under "H" Corporate were merged into brand-new company, "H" Heavy Industries Group. This project will proceed in two phased developments. Once one building is constructed, people will be able to use the building, and a few years later the other building will be constructed. Thus, how to divide the site area for the first and second phases and how to arrange each building’s location are important issue. The ratio of site area for the first phase to the second phase is six to four, which is the optimal digit to maximize profit and efficiency of the project. The building in the first phase will be closer to Geyongbu Highway to stand out as a landmark, and the second phased building is to be built with considering view, natural lighting, and circulations for the users.

Entry Plaza

East Elevation Close Up