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Public & Cultural

Sejong, Republic of Korea

Winning Competition, 2007

FLAT CITY, LINK CITY, ZERO CITY is H’s 1st-Prize winning entry for the international competition of the Master Panning for the Public Administration Town (MPPAT) in Korea. As a new 667-acre town, PAT will be the national government’s capital administrative district, which will accommodate extensive national and regional functions. Flat City shapes the government buildings into an iconic plane. Symbolizing an open non-hierarchical, democratic society the iconic plane’s surface extends across the whole city, creating an expansive public park, easily accessible, and open to all. Link City joins and reconciles agencies and neighborhoods for enhanced function and interaction. Government facilities, laid out as the infrastructural artery of the town, connect and integrate diverse uses, such as parks and green space, commercial and business blocks, educational and cultural amenities and residential neighborhoods. Zero City signifies the vision of zero waste. The latest green technology incorporated in the infrastructure systems will reduce pollution and reuse waste to support essential functions of PAT. Helping to create a new wildlife habitat, Zero City will serve as a good neighbor and strong advocate in preserving the nature of the region. This project was designed in collaboration with Haeahn Architecture and Balmori Associates.

Aerial View

Commercial Street




BRT Station


Street View