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Public, Cultural 

Incheon, Republic of Korea


The proposal is inspired by a notion of “spacing”, an attribute found in writing systems as well as a natural phenomenon that could be stumbled upon in a park. Letters and writings are usually configured on a certain type of medium, a background. Writing is unrecognizable without a background, it could only be perceived through a figure-ground interrelation. Thus the “spacing” generated by figure-ground interaction within graphemes, letters, words, sentences and paragraphs, is what characterizes a writing and even hence, it’s system. For instance, the sculptured nature of a glyph in a written form allows people to recognize and define a certain writing, making it special, recordable and communicable. A similar rule is found in a park. People usually recognize a place filled with various greenery as a park. The configuration and “spacing” amongst grassed fields, bushed mounds and forests with various sizes and heights of trees begin to organically define and create various territorial and spatial senses that promote diverse activities, experiences and scenes of an intimate and/or dynamic.


Aerial View

Street View


Interior Memorial Hall

Interior view