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Workplace & Lab 

Seoul, Republic of Korea

Winning Competition, 2016

The design for the new R&D Center for NEXEN Tire Inc. required a multi-disciplinary research and development lab covering all aspects of the company’s technological innovation, supporting offices and welfare facilities as well as public areas such as exhibition and library. The dual-helix leads users to spiral up vertically through the entire building. All spaces promote communication between researchers and workers, while maintaining separation functionally. The heart of the building is the inner courtyard, a fluid green and sun-filled oasis that provides outdoor areas for gathering, rest and events for workers. The building also responds to the environment to provide comfortable research and working conditions as well as maximize energy efficiency. The south and east facades feature a shading-louver system, inspired by tire treads. This high-tech R&D building not only symbolizes the essential meaning of tire technology but also aims to redefine the typology of the “urban research facility”.


Aerial View


Aerial View


Aerial View

Street View

Courtyard View

Interior Lobby


Open Library View