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The building is a new R&D Center for Nexen, a leading tire company in South Korea, and recently completed in Magok-special-district which is located at the western edge of Metropolitan Seoul that is currently under development as a hub of cutting-edge industries, hosting many research facilities for South Korea’s leading corporations. The building is equipped a series of multi-disciplinary research and development labs covering all aspects of the company’s technological needs including chemical, heavy-industrial and design development. It also houses supporting offices, various types of meeting areas and welfare facilities for researchers and workers. Additionally, the R&D Center functions as a comprehensive promotional venue with an exhibition area and library which is open to the general public.


Aerial View


Street View


East View


South View of Atrium 


Facade Pattern 


Starting Point of Green Helix

Courtyard Night View

Location: Seoul, Republic of Korea

Year: 2019 (Completed)

Gross Area: 61,583 sq.ft. (57,171 sq.m.)

Floors: 8 (6 above ground, 2 below ground)

Project Type: Workplace & Lab