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Sejong, Republic of Korea


The Public Administrative Town located in Sejong City has been developed using the master plan concepts of flat city, link city, and zero city as outlined by H Architecture and Haeahn. For the PAT phase 3-1, the building will complete the ‘ring’ of the PAT master plan, connecting with phases 2-2 and 2-3 using elevated bridges. H Architecture designed using these principles while introducing innovative design features such as stepped massing and programmed atria. The program for 3-1 include Ministry of Government Legislation functions and Civil Rights Commission programs. The cascading mass on the southeast portion of the building allows for green stepped roofs and observation decks. On the northwest side of the building, the staggered mass maintains the building width per level, creating a dramatic entrance portal from the sports fields. The program also requires the design and incorporation of the site to the west of the building that will include several sports and activity fields, as well as a parking area. The building will serve as a gateway for the fields with the other PAT buildings.

Aerial View

Night Aerial View 


Pedestrian Flyover View


View of Stepped Terrace


Interior View