H Architecture, P. C. 

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Cultural, Commercial & Hospitality, Residential, Transportation 

Seoul, Republic of Korea

Winning Competition, 2016

Along with a government policy, E-Logis Town, which aims to support the increasing demands of logistics infrastructure in urban area through complex development, the project requires to incorporate various programs such as three hundreds meter-long shopping mall, one thousand residential units, six stories logistic and cultural gathering space for the city. The proposal introduces new type of commercial-logistics hybrid program through the compatibility between commercial and Logistic, and the arrangement of support facilities embrace the existing urban fabric. Considering the logistics as unpleasant facility, the periphery of logistics building is covered by support and community facilities and the top of the floor contributes as open-to-public Sport Park. The iconic cultural roof structure penetrates into all different floors and functions and vitalizes both indoor and outdoor activities, providing gigantic green energy-free park to the local community.


Aerial View


Interior Atrium


Interior Atrium