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The Central Government Town is a progressive city that envisions ‘A horizontal and connected green city.’ The Sejong National Government Building is a pivotal project to the maturity of the central government town. The revised master plan supplements and improves the original master plan through means of securing a site for new building, plan for adjacent land use, adjustment of programs while maintaining the original concept. The Sejong National Government Building embodies the concepts of communication, open, democracy of a 21st century government and envisions a building that corresponds to a new age ideologies.​


Aerial View 

South View

Perspective View

Sejong Forum

Sejong Forum

Location: Sejong, Republic of Korea

Year: 2018

Gross Area: 1,443,268 sq,ft. (134,084 sq.m.)

Floors: 12 (9 above ground, 3 below ground)

Project Type: Workplace, Public