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Public & Cultural, Commercial 

Seoul, Republic of Korea


The Seoul Floating Island contains a natural environment with a grass beach, marina, club house and floating pods of flora that illuminate the night with the appearance of flickering candle lights. The Seoul Floating Island also has the Urban Entertainment Center offering IT cafes, 3D theaters, interactive games and exhibition space and it will offer visitors restaurants, performance and entertainment venues and cultural exhibit space.

The Seoul Floating Island have overlapping curtain walls that blur the interior and exterior spaces and blend the Han River into the building interior. The roof of the club house in arrays of photo voltaic cells to help provide power to the island. Civic plaza and promenade by day, and high-tech stage and backdrop by night, Soul Flora will be the first Han River Renaissance project to be built, achieving the city government vision successfully.

Aerial View


Night Time Aerial View 


View from Ferry


Night Time View


Street View


Street View


Street View