H Architecture, P. C. 

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Public & Cultural 

Seoul, Republic of Korea


H approached the international design competition for the Seoul Performing Arts Center as an opportunity to reconnect the cultural disparity between the North and South sides of Seoul. As an island in the center of the Han River which bisects Seoul, the purpose  for the project was cultural and social connection. A strong focus was placed on the idea of a video-genic, multi-experiential dynamic that, through transformation, would provide an infinite number of experiences for visitors and passersby on an urban platform.

SPAC articulates the interior programmatic elements to reflect the influence from the city and citizens through the expression of a resonating exterior skin. This skin transforms from a pure form, typically static or unyielding, into multiple forms that are expressive and interactive, leading to enlightened and invigorated experiences for patrons. The interiors house various programs including performance halls, rehearsal studios, lounges and restaurants, extending outdoors to observation decks and rooftop gardens. The integration of building mass and landscape forms results from fluvial lines of the Han River.

Transforming Box Above the Green 


Street View

Han River Night View

Interior of Concert Hall

Pedestrian Deck Overpass

Interior View


Transforming Skin and Exterior Plaza


Opera Theater