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Public & Cultural 

Yeosu, Republic of Korea

Winning Competition, 2012

To achieve this concept, the Pavilion features 3 primary elements: 1. The Multi-Functioning Tower system, inspired by the archipelago islands, supports  pedestrian traffic, airflow and daylight distribution in the buildings; 2. The Smart Living Roof system, characterizing the ocean surface, is a tubular truss system complete with sustainable elements  such as Teflon louvers and solar panels, and creates dramatic  wave-like aesthetics  while protecting Expo visitors from the sun; 3. The Interactive Ground System, i.e. building mass and decks beneath the roof truss that reflect the foreshore, contain the exhibitions of the Expo. The Pavilion is organized in 2 major axes: an Expo Digital Gallery and a Connecting Green. The Expo Digital Gallery displays the modern technology of the Expo, offering a vibrant commercial streetscape.  In contrast, the Connecting Green is a connection between the waterfront and the Expo Town.  This connection is composed of weaving pathways and articulated landscape.


Aerial View


Aerial View


Aerial View



Entrance View


Street View


Flying Trellis 


Digital Gallery