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Founded in 2006, H Architecture is a progressive design practice based in New York City, specializing in urban design, master planning, architectural and interior design.  For projects of diverse scales and types, the firm’s cross-cultural design team implements globally up-to-date resources and methodologies to deliver innovative and optimal solutions specific to each project.


H Architecture strives to use architecture as an interfacing agent among various spatial dimensions in the built environment.  Forging versatility of architecture to reconcile and integrate urban grids, landscape, ground, buildings and interiors, H Architecture is dedicated to creating spaces where the client’s visions and demands materialize, and the resident and the community experience the power and grace of space.


H Architecture, as artisans of space, craft environment ranging from personal dimension to community to civic place, while incorporating world’s leading values and ideals, and advanced hands-on simulation/ fabrication tools and methods.  A global design collaborative H Architecture has built with our principal founding partner, Haeahn Architecture, enables us a network of 24/7 professional workforce from offices in New York, Seoul and beyond, delivering projects of various programs and complexities with unrivaled efficiency.





307 5th Avenue 11F

New York, New York 10016

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