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As an iconic public space for Cheongju, the city hall complex is re-connecting existing cityscape with new public spaces. The site has a soft boundary of raised walkways, welcoming everyone to the site. The decentralized site planning aims to create more public spaces which permeate in-between different buildings and organically weave interior and exterior spaces through multiple levels. Through strategically inserting public spaces, the proposal achieves democratic spaces as a future city hall complex.

The new city hall is largely composed of three zones. A plaza to the south and offices to the north that are bound by the raised walkway. The plaza is intentionally left empty to provide a place to host various city-wide events while the landscaping responds to the surrounding context. The landscaping continues to the building skin and become soft louvers to express lightness and openness. The offices are concentrated to the north to provide efficient workplaces and respond to the high rises to the north. The raised walkway completes the city hall by defining the plaza area and connecting the plaza to the city hall complex.
The city hall complex consists of city council building, amphitheater, new city hall, museum, public plaza, and local community building. Each of the buildings has public facilities such as a library, a day care center, meeting spaces, exhibition or event spaces, and all these public facilities within different buildings are interconnected through indoor & outdoor spaces. The lobby at the city council building creates an Atrium space connecting multi-levels, linking with the museum building horizontally or with meeting rooms vertically.


Workplace, Public


306,330sq.ft. (28,459sq.m. )

Cheongju, Korea




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