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H Architecture has submitted Villa Wings, a new residential complex with 20 studio units in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. The project aims to suggest a contemporary urban lifestyle in a tropical region, for both travelers and long-term residents. Porous volumes along the site edge provide a comfortable outdoor area that is isolated from its surrounding, creating space for a courtyard, a pool and shaded private terraces. The volumes are aligned from east to west to keep the interior from a strong daylight. Flipping, sliding and rotating individual units generate private terraces on both floors. The in-between spaces of units create microclimate effects by natural cross ventilation. Shaded private outdoor areas surrounding the pool in the courtyard add great amenity to small studios and sundeck areas. The core system of every unit is identical throughout both floors to enhance the construction efficiency. A series of gabled roof provides high ceiling stimulates a natural ventilation internally. Elongated eaves and bamboo curtains on wood frames along the boundary of the complex form shade in courtyard. The masonry walls of the building preserve cool indoor spaces during the daytime.




8,611 sq.ft. (800 sq.m.)

Bali, Indonesia




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